Your personal support in B2B sphere with China

Your personal support for all B2B matters with China

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Follow-up support in business issues with China
Ni Hao! Starting the business with China? Then you have come to the right place! We are twins, brother and sister, Anastasiia and Alexander. And we are the founders of Open China company. Six years we help enterpreneurs to build their business relations with China.
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How we will help you
We will find products and reliable supplier, place the order, inspect your goods, and deliver to the final destination.
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Our translators will accompany you to meetings and exhibitions.
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We will analyze market specially for your business field. Find distributors and establish communication with them.
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We will organize business-trip to China.
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We will help you to make payments and transfer money to China.
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How much cost our services?
We aim to individual approach to each customer ( to your business case). To give you some information about the numbers, we provide you approximate price-list on our services. If you have any problems connected with China, contact us! We have wide range of services: from full service support to organization of yoga trips.
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Work examples
It`s just a part of the inquiries and completed work examples over the last few years.
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