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Analyze chinese market for your business. Search of dealers in China or communication with contacts on hands.

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Nowadays Chinese market is one of the most fast growing and one of the most attractive in the whole world. Living standarts of the population grow like a mushroom. Lots of world producers and brands trying to find their place under its roof. With our help you and your goods will successfully enter on Chinese market.
How we will help you
Partners and distribution search
Open China company will help you to find the channels of sales of your product in China. We will help you to make an agreemnent on cooperation terms and to organize the delivery of your goods to China.
On exhibitions help
To promote your goods well in China you will need to participate in local exhibitions. We will find and give you the information on participation terms and will help you to sign an agreement and execute your plan.
Company registartion
Our team will help you to registrate a company or representative office in China, find an office for rent, and open an account in Chinese bank.
Warehouse for your needs
Open China will find a warehouse which will suits your needs and will be comfortable for business operations. We will help you to discuss the rent terms and sign the agreement.
Delivery organization and customs processing
We will organize transportation and customs service for exporting your goods to China. After your inquiry we will provide you most benificial way of transportation in 2-3 days.
Online-store opening
If you decided to encash your goods through web, we will help you to open a shop on Chinese most popular web-based platforms.
Cost of services
Your representative in China
We will listen your demands and wishes, discuss the conditions of our cooperation and sign an agent agreement for collaborotive work on Chinese market.
Наша компания предоставляет ряд услуг для тех, кто решил заняться реализаций своего товара и своих услуг в Китае.

Мы поможем найти дистрибьюторов и партнеров, организовать принятие участия в местных выставках, зарегистрировать предоставительство/компанию, организовать доставку и растаможку, снять склад, открыть он-лайн магазин, а также выступить в качестве вашего представителя и агента в Китае.

Если Вы видете свой бизнес в Китае, свяжитесь и проконсультируйтесь у нас по оставшимся вопросам.
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Leave your contact information, we will get back to you and tell everything!