Translator in China

Language track in negotiating and on exhibitions

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In Open China company working experienced and qualified translators of Chinese language. We can provide interpretation and written translation. Will help you skilfully conduct negotiations. Also we will go into refinements of Chinese mentality and temper. Our translators have a command of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. They also will help you to manage legal and technical documentation.
How we will help you
Language track
We will make your staying in China very comfortable: will meet you in the airport, help to check-in in the hotel, and organize your staying.
Translation during negotiations
Our translators will provide maximum level of mutual understading between you and your Chinese partners.
Visiting factories
Representatives of Open China will accompany you during your visit of the producing factories.
Maintain correspondence
Open China translators keep a correspondence according to all the rules of business etiquette and provide full understanding between participating parties.
Assistance on exhibitions
Our team has a great experience in participation on Canton Fair, Beijing and Shanghai fairs. We know all the nuances and will help you to take full advantage of visiting the exhibitions in China.
Cost of services
+7 (495) 769-96-89
+7 (915) 411-07-69
+87 (130) 268 96 747
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Leave your contact information, we will get back to you and tell everything!