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Scope of our services is quite wide. We are a company which will solve any question connected with China. Multitasking is our feature! We get used to work out interesting problems and bring to life the ideas of our clients.

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The cost of turnkey service package is 10% of the order price if the sum of the order less than 200 000$, if it`s over 200 000$ - by the agreement.
Turnkey service package
If the value of the order is less than 2000$ - the work comission will be 200$ - what is the minimum service cost. Onsite checking, quality control, control of packaging and loading, assistance during inspections are charged additionally according to mutual agreement.
Supplier search
The cost of the search of 3 manufacturers on one item name and provision of their contact information. Payment to be done before the work starts.
100 $
Order placement
You provide factory contacts, we help you to contact the supplier, place an order, agree on a price, quality and time frames.
100 $
Goods inspections
Include goods checking/picking on a factory during the production or when the production is finished, report writing and photo report providing. ( Service cost doesn`t include transportation and, if necessary, hotel expenses).
150$/a day
Organization of samples delivery
Selection of the most suitable delivery according to the price and time frames. Organization of samples receiving on the warehouse and its sending.
50$ for one sending
Purchase for chain stores
Providing a help in a search and purchasing of the big quantity of goods.
On agreement
Organization of the goods delivery
Help to choose suitable forwarder according to deadline, prices and other requests.
From 3% for one order
Service package
According to the purchase volume. Service package include: order placement, deadline enforcement, quality control, shipment organization and other.
7-10% for a deal
Search of distibutors/retailers and partners
According to the task
On agreement
Help in participations on exhibitions
According to the task
On agreement
Registration of your representative office/company
Business-License acquisition and Business Registration of the company
From 2900 $
Organization of the delivery and customs clearance
According to the item name
On agreement
Search of a suitable warehouse
According to the place of warehousing
On agreement
Opening of online shop
According to the task at hand
From 1500$
Your representative/agent in China
Depending on the tasks number and kind of the products
From 500$/month
Transfering the money for the order to the supplier
For one-time money transfering + rate of bank transaction
Receiving payment grace with a help of different financial instruments
According to the needs
On agreement
Meeting at the airport and accopmanying to the hotel
Translation work
Not including transportation fees to the hotel. If our colleagues situated in a different city, also need to pay for the transportation expenses.
100 $/day
Translation work on meetings
The cost of one working day of the translator ( not over 6 working hours)
130 $/day
Factory visiting
The price of one day work ( transportation and, if necessary, hotel expenses are payed additionally)
150 $/day
Accompanying on exhibitions
Maximum 8-hours working day
150 $/день
Maintenance of correspondence/remote translator
Price negotiable. According to the task complexity.
From 50$/at a time
Business Tours
Private Tour
Group Tours
Sport Tourы
Yoga Tours
Tea Tours
The price for tourism service is discussed individually. All depend on the request, purpose of visiting, number of tourists and number of days, also on the living conditions chosen and travel mode etc.
We will visit any field-specific exhibition with you or without you - for you ( will provide all photo materials, catalogues, business cards and samples).
We will inspect your goods during and/or after production and provide you written and photo report. The price doesn`t include the payment for transportation and hotel living (if needed).
On arrival our specialists will accompany you, while being your guide and translator.
150$/day (not over 8 hours working day)
We provide on-phone translation.
From 50$/at a time
We will help you to purchase goods on Taobao and Alibaba;
We will help you to purchase the goods on the markets of Guangzhou and Yiwu.
10% of the cost of goods
What else
— will provide comparative prices from different suppliers in China for necessary product item (2-3 items);

— will solve the problem with the supplier by phone call;

— will help you to find a place for living in any city in China for any period;

— will give you a consultation on openning and running business in China;

— will prepare your CV in chinese language;

— will held 1.5 hour online course on business chinese.
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Leave your contact information, we will get back to you and tell everything!