Organization of the trips and exursions all around China

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During your business trip in China you or your family members would like to learn more about the country. Lots of tourists from all around the world come to China to learn the language, culture, cuisine, martial art, chinese medicine and many other things. We will organize you private thematic tour: arrange a route, book the hotels and transport tickets, make an arrangment with a guide.
How we will help you
Business trip
We will organize your business trip to any city or province. Will agree in the dates of visit with your partners, will book your plane tickets and hotel, will arrange full follow-up support on the dares of your staying.
Sport tourism
If you like skiing, surfing, hiking, fishing and other kinds of activity, we will find and advise best places for your visiting, will make an arangements with the best coaches, will help you to purchase or rent the necessary equipment.
Thematic tours in groups
We will help you to organize a trip on any topic according to your goals and wishes. If necessary we will accompany you during the whole trip.
Tours on Eastern practices
Yoga, Qigong, Taiji attract more and more spiritual practisers to China. We will find a power place for you, which will meet your needs and expectations, and will help you to meet teachers from all over the world.
Частные Туры
Давно хотите увидеть Китай своими глазами. Время пришло. Мы выслушаем Вас, предложим свои варианты, и составим для Вас индивидуальный маршрут. Забронируем транспортные средства для передвижения и гостиницы для проживания.
С нами у Вас пропадут многие головные боли и Вы получите максимум удовольствия
от поездки.
Tea tours
Open China company many years obsessed with tea culture. We regulary organize tours to tea plantations. You will learn how to distinguish different kinds of tea, will learn how to brew it and learn a lot of new things about its history and traditional chinese tea drinking.
Cost of services
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Leave your contact information, we will get back to you and tell everything!