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Tests on coronavirus

While searching for the contacts we found out that most of the factories contacts are not valid. It`s quite hard to get in touch with the producer directly. Later we understood why, when official representative of one factory told us that recently almost all the producers concentrated on their own duty so they found distributors so that they can help out with the sellings.

As well we found out some producers who work on the base of universities, who also created and made up the tests and now in a process of receiving certification.

So, some producers already have CE and ISO certificates, and some not yet. Are those certificates necessary for your country – you should learn there where you are.

Also, while placing the orders pay attention on the package. There are three types of packages: in English, in Chinese and no name package. By the way, some factories provide OEM service.

About the usage of tests in China. Temporary the usage of tests privately at home is forbidden in China. The main reason is that all the people who want to check themself on the virus issue should do it in laboratories with the use of special equipment. If there are symptoms – should call emergency.

At the same time, we asked the suppliers, why there are that strict regulations? Why it`s forbidden for Chinese citizen to check themself? They replied that by this measure Chinese government probably wants to keep under control and regulation all what is connected with the virus and to get rid of withholding information and self-medication. As well everything depends which company produced the tests. Our producers say that the rate accuracy equals to 99.6%.

As for me, I would like that in my first-aid kit bag I have such a test. Just for good measure. For example, if suddenly I feel bad of have any symptoms, I could check myself before going out to meet my family, friends, colleagues. It`s good to have a chance to check and prevent any consequences of spreading the virus then affect others not knowing that.

What`s your point of view?

Price: depending on the producer and the purchase quantity the FOB price can vary from 2 dollars to 3/3.5$.